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A Wicked Fairy Tale

simple twist of fate

Twist Of Fate
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Once upon a time there was a different world, a world in which Buffy Summers wasn't immediately called to be a slayer. In her stead, a girl in Boston was chosen. Still too young to carry the weight of the world she thought she'd lost is all when her watcher was killed by Kakistos. The next morning she left for the hellmouth her watcher had always told her about and realized that her life was never going to be the same. While Faith was battling Kakistos on the East Coast, a vampire cursed with a soul was given a message from the powers that be to head to Sunnydale and protect the slayer. The fates seemed all lined up in a war between light and darkness, an on-going battle on the hellmouth but what the heroes don't know is there's no happily ever after in a wicked fairytale.

Faith Hanley: prodigal_slayer
Cordelia Chase: visiongirl
Fred Burkle: freddles
Angel: broody_manpire
Olivia Hanley: olivia_hanley

Guest Starring:
Darla: wicked_designs
Dawn Summers: womansized
Riley Finn: xriley_finnx
Vampire Faith: cracked_faith
Charles Gunn: charlesgunn_
Buffy Summers: icouldfakeit

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